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In 2009, a Danish man and a Belgian woman “meet” on Facebook. Since they have a lot of interests in common – especially travel (!), they soon become friends. About a year later, the Danish man has moved to Belgium and both start traveling regularly.

Our travel experiences soon led to the birth of a website, Road Tripping Europe. Unfortunately, due to a conflict with our hosting company, we lost our website. So, we made 2 new ones: one with our best, most beautiful and unusual travel experiences, which you can find here. The experiences and pictures that don’t make it there, you can find on this website. Although we sometimes do visit tourist places, we tend to concentrate on lesser-known locations in Europe.

This website is also more about impressions and memories. If you are looking for precise information about the various destinations we have visited, top 10s and reviews, this is not the place to be. If however, you are interested in travel tales and photography, we bid you welcome and hope you enjoy the journey with us!

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